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Why We Give

A Lifetime of Generosity Leads to Legacy Gift

Fran and Art Kneller

Dave and Jane Carlson believed in the value of giving back to the community. Active in Rockford-area businesses and organizations, they served on numerous boards and donated to causes in the region. Along the way, Jane gained a reputation as a natural fundraiser. Read More

A Lifetime and Legacy of Support For Rosecrance

John and Roberta Mink

All of us have a cause at some point in our lives; we spend time, energy and passion on these causes because we believe in them wholeheartedly. Kids. Careers. Peace. Politics. Volunteering. The list is limitless. Read More

Couple Goes From 'Corps' to Core Benefactors

Randy and Carol Krup

Delve into the archives of Rosecrance's 100 years of service, and you'll see Randy and Carol Krup in photos and programs for nearly half of that history. Read More

Ipsen Conservatory Offers Year Round Setting For Enrichment and Growth

Carla Roth with Susan J. Ipsen

The Ipsen Conservatory at the Rosecrance Griffin Williamson Campus is a state-of-the-art space for adolescents. The space showcases a beautiful view of the Rosecrance Healing Garden, but it's plenty remarkable all on its own. Read More

The Hillman-Norberg Family's Connection to Rosecrance Traces Back Nearly Two Decades.

Conrad Johnson

In 2002, Rosecrance purchased a beautifully restored turn-of the century home built by Rockford Industrialist Swan Hillman. Swan's daughter, Margo Hillman-Norberg, supported Rosecrance over the years, and was the inspiration for the Friends of Margo campaign to support Rosecrance's youth recovery homes. Read More

Gift from Conrad Johnson Estate Benefits Rosecrance Endowment

Conrad Johnson

Rosecrance received a generous donation from the trust of Rockford resident C. Conrad Johnson, who was recognized as the oldest living man in the U.S. at 110 years of age. Read More

Rockford Couple Prioritizes Planned Giving

Lyn and Roger Becknell

Talk to Lyn and Roger Becknell for just a few minutes, and you'll feel their passion for Rockford. Roger grew up on the west side of town and graduated from Rock Valley College. Although Lyn has lived in Rockford since the 1970s, she's a native of Charleston, South Carolina. Read More

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